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About Us

At The Refuge APCC, we provide a safe and comfortable environment for you by thoroughly screening and training all of our staff. You will be treated with kindness and compassion, always receiving honest and open answers from our all-women staff.

We promise a place of support and hope for those facing unexpected pregnancies and frightening or uncertain sexual health issues.

We offer free and confidential services, one-on-one mentoring and educational opportunities.

  • For those facing an unexpected pregnancy, we offer hope and practical support.
  • For those who have experienced an abortion and are now struggling with their decision, we are here to listen and help.
  • For parents entering a new chapter of life, we offer resources and training.
  • For those at risk of unhealthy sexual behaviors we offer early intervention programs.

We also respect your privacy. Patient information is held in strict confidence, and all communication is handled with utmost discretion.

The Refuge APCC is compliant with all state and federal privacy laws.